Transformation Services is the universal message transformation engine of the application.

Transformation Services enables you to manage and monitor the automatic EDI communication with your customers and trading partners according to the requirements of their business processes. If required, messages can be imported, edited, and adjusted manually.

Transformation Services transforms messages that contain structured data from one format into another format. Structured data are BOD messages, EDI messages, or files of special formats such as XML and other structured data formats.

You can set up rules for the transformation of data and messages for specific trading partners and business processes. The core transformation is based on and controlled by XSLT style sheets. An XSLT style sheet is defined for a message type, a message standard, and a trading partner.

Transformation Services is connected to Infor ION and exchanges BOD messages, for example, with Shipping and a connected ERP system.

Transformation Services uses Exchange Services for the EDI communication with external trading partners. Additionally, the classical file system can be used to exchange messages.