Using the AutoEx URI destination wizard

To use the AutoEx URI Destination Wizard to determine the AutoEx Destination URI:
  1. Select COMMUNICATION > File Scanner.
  2. In the Search Pattern section, click New.
  3. Specify this information:
    Select this check box to enable a search pattern and to start processing.
    Network Access with Authentication
    If this option is enabled, you can access network shares that require authentication. Upon activation, these fields are editable: Domain, Username, and Password.
    Search pattern
    Specify the search pattern with which to search for files. The search pattern may contain variables.

    If you use variables in the search pattern, you can use parts of the path or file name to determine the partner for whom the send job is to be created.

    Example: The files to be sent are stored in the C:\ EDI_OUT folder. The file names all begin with the name of the recipient, followed by a counter, for example, PARTNER1_001.out, PARTNER2_001.out. If the partners are created in accordance with the recipient's name in the file name, the send orders can be created using a single search pattern.

    Specify the domain for the registration of network shares.
    User Name
    Enter the user name to register for network approval.
    Enter the password to register for network approval.
    Specify the processing type for found files. You can select SKRIPT or MAKEQ.
  4. Click AutoEx Destination URI Wizard.
  5. Specify this information:
    from variables or fix value
    If you select this option, all the variables that are defined in the search pattern or the given values can be selected from the drop-down menu.
    from partner list
    If you select this option, all configured DSNs, according to the chosen partner, can be selected from the drop-down menu.
    Specify the data set name name that should be used to create the send order.
    Specify the partner name to be used to create the send job.
  6. In the Additional Parameter section, click New to add additional parameters. Here, you can specify additional parameters that override the DSN settings.
    Parameter Name
    Specify a parameter name. These parameter names are available:
    Parameter Name Description
    VIRTUALFILENAME The DSN name to be used to create the send job
    DESTINATION OFTP destination (only for OFTP partners)
    ORIGINATOR OFTP originator (only for OFTP partners)
    OWNODETTEID Own Odette SSID (only for OFTP partners)
    FORMAT Format
    FOREIGNID Foreign ID to identify the transmission order in a third-party system
    CONVERSION E for ASCII-> EBCDIC conversion, A for EBCDIC -> ASCII conversion
    FTPFILENAME FTP file name (only for FTP partners)
    FTPPATH FTP path (only for FTP partners)
    PACKAGEID Package ID
    RECORDLENGTH Record length
    RETRY Number of send job retries
    RETRYINTERVAL Retry interval in seconds
    XTPRIORITY Send job priority (1=low, 2=medium, 3=high)
    Parameter Value
    Specify the parameter value.
  7. Click OK.