Preparing the printing of export-related documents

Before you print the movement certificates, you must edit the shipment lines and ensure that the preferential trade agreement settings are correct.

  1. Select Shipping > Manage Shippers.
  2. On the Manage Shippers page, click Drill down to select a shipper.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Click the Movement Certificates tab.
    Note: This tab appears only if the Print Movement Certificates task in the task list is available and if the MovementCertificates functionality is configured.
  5. Expand Movement Certificates.
  6. Review or specify this information, as appropriate:
    Export Status
    The export status indicates if the movement certificate is prepared for printing. To print a movement certificate, the export status must be Complete. These statuses are possible:
    • Complete: Either a Preferential Trade Agreement or the Without Preference option is selected for each shipment line.
    • Not Complete: Not for all shipment lines, a Preferential Trade Agreement or the Preference without Known Agreement option is selected.
    • Not Set: No Preferential Trade Agreement is selected.
    Movement Reference Number

    The Movement Reference Number (MRN) is a unique number that is assigned by the New Computerised Transit System (NCTS). It is processed in all transit declarations in Europe. The MRN is used to identify the shipper within the EU and, specifically, at the Office of Exit. MRNs are issued for direct and indirect export declarations.

    The customs authorities use this number to register and track the goods. The MRN, which is a string of digits and letters, is printed on the export accompanying document. This document is provided by the customs office.

    Movement Certificate Serial Numbers
    Specify the serial numbers that are to be printed on the waybill, separated by a blank. These numbers are used as cross-references if the shipper contains too many shipment lines to be printed out on the movement certificate.
    Note: You must set the Waybill task to Import via Clipboard to support this number. See Processing tasks.
    Preferential Trade Agreement
    Optionally, select a Preferential Trade Agreement from the list.
    Note: A selection is only required to copy the selected Preferential Trade Agreement to all shipment lines.
  7. Optionally, click Copy to set the Preferential Trade Agreement field to the same setting for all shipment lines.
  8. Click the Movement Certificates tab.
  9. Review or specify this information:
    Movement Certificate
    A movement certificate is required by the European Union when an importing country purchases goods from an EU member. The importing country must be covered by an EU trade agreement.

    The document is used to claim preferential rates of duty, reduced or free of charge, in the country of importation. The preference system only applies to countries where trade agreements with the EU exist. The available movement certificates are listed in the MovementCertificates code.

    This field shows the language of the movement certificate.
    Preferential Trade Agreement
    Specify the preferential trade agreement. A trade agreement between countries reduces tariffs for certain products that are delivered to other countries that have signed the agreement. The available preferential trade agreements are listed in the PreferentialTradeAgreements code.
    The preferential trade agreement determines the movement certificates that are used for printing.

    You can preconfigure the preferential trade agreement in the item master data.

    Cumulation Applied
    The concept of cumulation describes a system which allows products that originate in one country to be processed or added to products that originate in another country. The effect should be the same as if the products had originated in the second country.

    The information of the receiver is used by the Movement Certificate EUR-MED for exports to a country of the Pan-Euro-Med zone. Here, the Cumulation Applied check box indicates with which countries, usually delivery countries, a Pan-Euro-Med cumulation was applied.

  10. Optionally, click Select in a line to edit the movement certificate.
    The fields that are shown in the Movement Certificate Details window depend on the movement certificate.
  11. Optionally, click Refresh to update the export status. This process checks the shipment lines for valid PTAs. It determines the movement certificates that are used and the default language and texts.
    If preferential trade agreements are set or changed, then the Export Status field is updated when you save your changes.