Editing projected shipments

Final shipping labels, which include the shipment information, can be printed directly after the sales schedules are sent to warehousing. For this purpose, projected shipments including the containers are created in the ERP system, such as Infor LN. The Shipping functional area then receives a message with the Released status.

To search for projected shipments:

  1. Select Shipping > Manage Shippers.
  2. To search, use the filter function of the Column Filter Bar section.
  3. In the Shipper column, specify the shipper number that you want to search for.
    Note: You can also search for a part of the shipper number, customer, or any necessary value, to filter your search.
  4. Specify any other search terms to display a filtered list of shippers. Click the grid filtering button.
  5. Click Drill down to open the shipper details.
  6. On the Shipments tab, review the shipment status. Projected shipments have the Released status.
  7. Click the Tasks tab.
  8. Review the status of the task.
    The task status of non-label tasks is Not Eligible. Only label tasks can be performed for projected shipments (packing slip can optionally be printed). To perform a non-label task, completed shippers are required.