Reviewing the list of print jobs

On the Manage Print Job page, you can review the list of print jobs that have been created in the application.

To review the list of print jobs:

  1. Select Administrative Functions > Manage Print Jobs.
  2. Review this information:
    The functional area in the application that creates a print request such as EXM, TFS, or SRM.
    Job Reference
    The job reference number of the data source object that is linked to the print request.
    The type of document that is printed. Types of documents are, for example, Waybill, EDI Waybill, Packing Slip, or VDA 4902 barcode transport label.
    The subtype of the document that is printed. Subtypes are, for example, Small or Large when you print VDA 4902 barcode transport labels.
    Job ID
    The job ID of the print job that is automatically created by the print server.
    The status shows the progress of the print job. The print server sends back a status message of the print job to the functional area that created the print request.
    • Ready to Print: The print server is ready to perform the print job.
    • Printing: The print server is currently printing the documents. The print job is not yet successfully completed.
    • Printed: The documents are successfully printed.
    • Error: The documents are not printed, because an error happened.
    Printing Date/Time
    The field shows the date and time when the print job is printed.
    Number of Reprints
    The number of reprints that have been printed.
    Creation Date/Time
    The date and time when the print job is created.
    Created by User
    The user who created the print job.
    Accounting Entity
    The accounting entity is a corporation or a subset of a corporation. The accounting entity is independent in regard to one or more operational functions or accounting functions. An accounting entity produces a P&L and balance sheet from a complete, balanced set of transactions, and is often a legal entity. An accounting entity is defined within a tenant and can contain locations.