Reviewing the print requests of a message

In the detail view of the Manage Messages page, on the Print Request tab, you can view and optionally reprint print requests. A list of the created print requests with status information is shown. Transformation Services sends the print request to the print server. The print server transfers the print request to InterFormNG. InterFormNG is the standard print engine that prints the required document. Transformation Services uses the configuration parameters that are set up in the printing definition to automatically create the print request.

To review the print requests of a selected message:

  1. Select Transformation Services > Manage Messages.
  2. Click the Drill down button of a message.
  3. Click the Print Request tab.
  4. Review the information that is shown for each print request:
    Printing Date/Time
    The creation date and time of the print request.
    Content to be Printed
    The content of the print request.
    The status of the print request.
    A short description of the print request.
  5. To reprint a print request, select the print request and click Print.
    The message Printing is displayed in the Description column.
  6. To refresh the table, click Refresh Table.