Predefined administrative users and log-on information

Predefined administrative users and standard roles are automatically configured by the installation procedure. These administrative users are automatically created:

  • usersadmin
  • securityadmin
  • acadmin

The usersadmin user ID is required to create business users and to assign roles, accounting entities, locations, locales, and other information to these business users.

The securityadmin user ID is required to define roles, accounting entities, and locations to access the functional areas of the application.

The acadmin user ID is a sample user who enables access to the functional areas of the application after the installation.

You specify the valid accounting entity for the application during the installation. The default accounting entity set by the installation procedure is AE1. The user's default password is autoconnect. The standard tenants are infor and system.

Note: The standard roles for the functional areas of the application are created automatically by the installation procedure.