Reviewing log entries

  1. Select Shipping > Manage Shippers.
  2. On the Manage Shippers page, click Drill down to select a shipper.
  3. Click View Log Entries.
  4. Review these fields:
    The date and time when the log entries were created is displayed.
    This field indicates the log level.
    • Info: The step has been completed successfully.
    • Warning: During the execution of the process, a warning message was displayed.
    • Error: An error happened.
    • Fatal Error: A critical error happened.
    • System Error: A system error happened.
    The field shows the processes in the workflow that are executed. Processes are, for example, tasks or importing or manual processes.
    This field shows a description for each log entry. For example, if an error was logged, this field shows the error description.