Configuring the workflow and item master data

Before you can print export-related documents, you must configure the workflow. The workflow is used for exporting items to customers who are located in countries that are affected by the trade agreement. You must also configure the item master data of the item that is the subject of the trade agreement.

To configure the workflow and item master data:

  1. Add the Print Movement Certificates task to the workflow.
    1. In Shipping, select Configuration > Workflows.
    2. Click Drill down to edit a workflow.
    3. Click Edit.
    4. In the Task section, specify this information:
      Sequence Number
      This number indicates the order in which the lines within a shipment are displayed and the order in which the tasks are processed.
      Task Code
      Specify Print Movement Certificates.
      Task Type
      This field shows the task type. A task is an activity performed on a shipment or shipper, for example, the printing of single labels.
      These task types are available:
      • Automatic
      • Manual
    5. Click Save.
  2. Configure the preferential trade agreement in the item master data. See Administrative Functions.