Understanding packaging instructions

Packaging instructions contain a set of rules. They allow you to calculate the composition of a shipment. A shipment consists of a variety of containers, such as pallets, boxes, and covers. The shipment process searches for the most matching packaging instruction.

A shipment contains several key fields, such as Item, Customer, or Ship To. For a valid packaging instruction, the existing criteria must correspond to the key fields of the shipment.

Example: A packaging instruction A contains instructions for a certain item and customer. Both fields match the contents of the item and customer fields of the imported shipment. In this case, packaging instruction A is applied.

In addition, a packaging instruction B contains instructions for an item, a customer and a Ship To address. The content of the fields of the packaging instruction matches the content of the fields Item, Customer and Ship To of the incoming shipment. In this case, packaging rule B is applied.

See Configuring Packaging Instructions.