Checking recent notifications

In EDI Exchange, you can check, remove, and export the messages that you received during the active session.

To check the recent notifications:

  1. On the application header, click Recent Notifications.
    The Recent Notifications dialog box opens in which the messages for your active session are shown.
  2. Review this information:
    The field shows the date and time of the performed action.
    The field shows the name of the page in
    The field shows the message text that is displayed when you perform an action.
    The field shows the message text details. If text in Message column is too long to display, click the field to see the content displayed in multiple lines.
  3. To export the displayed messages, click Export.
    The messages are exported to a csv file in your local download folder.
  4. To remove the messages from the displayed list, click Clear Data.
    The messages are removed from the list.
  5. To close the dialog box, click Close.