Configuring Packaging Instructions

Packaging Instructions describe which materials are to be packed in which quantities and in which packagings. Based on these packaging requirements containers are produced.

See Understanding packaging instructions.

You can use packaging instructions to reduce manual processes when you prepare containers for shipment. The shipping container structure is created automatically from the rules that you define in a packaging instruction. The shipment process searches the packaging instruction, calculates the number of required containers and creates them using the specified attributes and quantities. The weight is calculated and the shipment status is set to Packed.

Packaging Instructions are created on different search levels. For example, you can configure a packaging instruction for an item. Alternatively, you can configure a combination of item and customer, or a combination of item, customer and Ship To address.

You can assign a priority to each packaging instruction, so that equivalent packaging instructions on the same level can be selected.

Assigned packaging instructions are normally processed automatically when you import a shipment. The packaging instruction is then used as a template. It determines how to perform the packaging, build the containers for each shipment line, and process the tasks. Such tasks include label or document printing and ASN publishing.

You can also manually assign a packaging instruction to an imported shipment. See Selecting a packaging instruction.