Creating accounting entities

Accounting entities that you have managed in Security Administration can be assigned to business users who are also managed in Security Administration.

Note: A default accounting entity is created by the installation procedure. Only perform the steps described here if additional accounting entities are required by your installation.

To create an accounting entity:

  1. Select Administrative Functions > Security Administration. Sign in to Security Administration with the user securityadmin and password autoconnect.
  2. Select Security > Security > Security Setup.
  3. Click the Accounting Entities tab.
  4. Click Actions.
  5. Select Add Node.
  6. Specify this information:

    Specify a unique name for the accounting entity. Do not use blank spaces.


    The name of an accounting entity or location may contain these characters:

    • Lowercase characters a-z
    • Uppercase characters A-Z
    • Digits 0 - 9
    • Hyphen ("-")
    • Underscore ("_")
    Display Name
    Specify the display name of the accounting entity.
    Specify a description of the accounting entity.
  7. To save the accounting entity, click Submit.
To make a new accounting entity visible to users, log in as usersadmin to Security Administration and assign the new accounting entity to the relevant users.