Shipping terminology

This section explains the terms that you should know when you use the Shipping functional area.

  • Shipper: A separately identifiable collection of one or more shipments to be transported from one sender to one recipient by one mode of transport. The shipper is the key element in the Shipping functional area.
  • Shipment: A collection of goods contained within the shipper; for example, items, components, and containers. A shipment is shipped to a Ship To location on a given date.
  • Master Shipment: Several shippers for the same customer are combined into one master shipment if they use the same trading partner and pool point. This is based on the shipper information that is provided by the ERP system. The combination can be achieved automatically, based on the master shipment's build parameters, or manually, based on the existing shippers' data.
  • Container: A box, carton, tub, pallet, or something similar that, optionally, contains items to be shipped. A container may also include other containers.
  • Packaging: Complete or partial wrapping of goods used to delimit the volume of the goods or to safeguard them.