Creating customer master data

You can use the Manage Customer Master page as a stand-alone solution to manage your customer master data if not provided by the ERP system.

Note: If you use the Manage Customer Master page as a stand-alone solution, the CustomerPartyMaster BOD import must be deactivated.

To create customer master data:

  1. Select Administrative Functions > Master Data > Manage Customer Master.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Specify the header information. You can specify all fields except the Last Modified By, Last Import Date, and Accounting Entity fields.
    This field contains an arbitrary set of characters that is used to uniquely identify a customer in an accounting entity.
    Review or specify the name of the customer.
    Customer Status
    The customer statuses Open, Closed, Prospect, Rejected, Pending, Deleted and Hold are available.
    When editing, select the status of the customer master data from the drop-down list.
    DUNS Number
    The Data Universal Numbering System number is a unique nine-digit code that is used to identify companies and group entities within an organization. It is issued at a company's request by the business information provider, Dun & Bradstreet.
    Tax ID
    The tax ID is a number used to identify legal persons or businesses. The tax authorities assign the tax numbers to the registered businesses. Your business partners must provide their tax number. Business partners without a tax number are considered to be private persons.
    Effective from Date
    Review or specify the first day on which the master data are valid.
  4. To add the address data, click Create.
    The Customer Master Address dialog box opens.
  5. Specify the address information as required:
    Default Address
    Select this check box to mark the address line as primary address of the master data.
    Specify the name of the master data's address.
    Attention of Name
    This field contains the name of the person the request is directed to.
    Specify the name of the unit.
    Specify the number of the floor.
    Building Name
    Specify the name of the building.
    Post Office Box
    Specify the post office box.
    Specify the street name.
    Postal Code
    Specify the postal code of the address.
    Specify the name of the city.
    Country Subdivision
    Specify the country subdivision.
    Click the Lookup button of the field. Select the country from the dialog box.
    Address Line 1
    This field shows the first part of the address, which is defined by the user or updated based on the address format.
    Generally, this address line contains the street name.
    Address Line 2–6
    These fields show parts of the address, which are defined by the user or updated based on the address format.
  6. To save the customer master data, click Save.
    A notification displays that the customer master data has been saved successfully.