Compliance Monitor features

The Compliance Monitor supports these features:

  • The Compliance Monitor checks the address data of people and organizations that are part of a shipper against sanctions lists. For this purpose, it uses the Compliance Check task and manual checks.

    Note: The Compliance Monitor does not check goods.
  • The Compliance Monitor enables you to update the provided sanctions lists automatically on a regular basis.
  • The Compliance Monitor enables you to create a blacklist based on your own list of business contacts that should be interpreted as sanctioned. There are further lists for which an automatic update is not supported that you can use to create a black list.
  • You can create a white list in which you collect address data of trusted persons or organizations.
  • The Compliance Monitor provides a compliance log where you can check the results of the compliance check.
  • The Compliance Monitor enables you to alert specific persons who are responsible for compliance.
Note: The Specially Designated Nationals List contains blocked vessels. Vessel names often consist of forenames. Therefore, vessel data are currently ignored in the matching process to avoid false positives.