ASN Replacement

The shipment process is completed on the supplier's side when the supplier sets the shipper status to Complete in his ERP system. A message is sent to the Shipping functional area by the ERP system stating that the shipper is complete. The Shipping functional area sends the ASN that contains the shipper information to the customer.

Note: The name of the complete status varies from ERP system to ERP system.

As soon as the complete status is transferred, the shipper data can no longer be changed in the supplier's ERP system.

To address changes in the ASN data, you can replace the ASN in the Shipping area rather than in the supplier's ERP system.

Note: The ASN replacement is activated on the Manage Codes page in Administrative Functions. The ASN Cancellation Supported check box in the code list Customers or TradingPartners must be selected.

You can replace an ASN in Shipping on the Shipper page.

Note: You can only replace included shipments of a shipper that have a Shipped status. If one or more of the selected shipments is in a different status, an error message is displayed. You cannot replace a canceled ASN. You can make ASN replacements as many times as the data changes. You can perform all related shipment tasks, such as reprints of waybills or labels, for shipments on a replaced ASN.