Creating an X400 partner DSN outbound

  1. Select COMMUNICATION > Partner Management.
  2. Edit an X400 partner.
  3. In the DSN Outbound area, click New.
    A DSN named 'Unnamed DSN' is created.
  4. Specify the information in the General DSN Details dialog.
    Specify a data set name. This way, the complete set of information can be assigned to a send request.
    Specify a description of the data set name.
    In this field, you can specify a category for the outgoing DSN. This category can be used as a filter in the HTTP adapter.
    Note: This field is only visible when it has been activated under Administration > Extended Settings.
  5. On the Telebox-400 tab, specify this information:
    Specify a subject for the order.
    Assigned X.400-Mailbox
    Select a Telebox-X400 system. The selectable systems can be configured under Communication Systems.
    Specify a record format.
    Delivery Report
    Select this check box to request a delivery/receipt confirmation. You can then find this confirmation in the TB400 transmission protocol for the corresponding order: 'RPT received', 'RN received'.
    Message processing
    Select an option.
    Processing Description
    Message with data content The sent file is text-only.
    Message attachment The sent file is sent as an attachment. The content of the message is stored in the Message text field.
    Message text (content)
    After selecting the Message attachment option, you can specify the content of the message.
    Sending Type (related to point of time)
    Specify an option:
    Option Description
    Immediately The call attempt starts immediately
    Not later than The call attempt starts after the time that you specify in the Hour, Min., Sec. fields.
    Via time series A time schedule that is defined in the communication system can be used.
    Note: Select Via time series to display the Assign schedules button. If available, click New to assign a schedule.
  6. On the Extended settings tab, specify this information:
    Specify a conversion option.
    Note: The conversion is performed before the transmission.
    Send Priority
    This field shows the priority with which the send jobs are processed and shipped. Jobs with high priority are sent first.
    Individual Sending Directory
    Select the check box to specify an individual sending directory in the provided field.
    Select the check box and select Individual Archive Directory to specify the archive directory in the provided field.