Checking the log entries of a message transformation

In the detail view of the Manage Messages page, you can review and check the log entries of the transformation process. Each log entry represents one step of the transformation process.

To check the log entries of a message transformation:

  1. Select Transformation Services > Manage Messages.
  2. Click the Drill down button of a message.
  3. To check the documented steps of the transformation process, click Validate Log Entries.
    The Log Entries dialog box is shown. The dialog box shows the steps that are performed to process the message in a table. For example, a message that is successfully processed runs through steps like these:
    • Message format found.
    • Message ID found.
    • Partner ID found.
    • Transformation rule found.
    • Source message prepared.
    • Message transformed.
    • Target message loaded.
    • Message transformed.
    • Message processed.
  4. Review the information that is shown for each step:
    Log Date
    The log date and time of a transformation step.
    The user that is used to perform the transformation step.
    The level shows Info, if the transformation step is performed successfully. The level shows Error, if the transformation step fails.
    The internal process in Transformation Services that performed the transformation step.
    Log Entry
    A description of the step that has been performed by the process.