This table shows the command buttons that are available in the toolbar:

Button Description
exs new New
exs edit Edit
exs copy Copy
exs export selected communication systems Export selected communication systems
exs import communication systems Import communication systems
exs delete Delete

Terminate (Sessions)

exs connect Connect
exs filter Filter
exs reset filter Reset filter
exs new partner New partner
exs copy partner Copy partner
exs import partner Import partner
exs export all partners Export all partners
exs export selected partners Export selected partners
exs refresh Refresh
exs auto refresh Automatically refresh (every thirty seconds)
exs unlock Unlock
exs restart Restart
exs change view Change view
exs import ca signed or renewed certificate Import CA-signed or renewed certificate
exs generate cerification request Generate certification request
exs export private key + certificate Export private key + certificate
exs set Set
Paging arrow left Paging arrow right Paging arrows
Note: Depending on the selected menu entry, not all buttons may be available. Some buttons are only enabled after you have selected data.