Manage Sequential Numbers

Manage Sequential Numbers enables users to control the creation of sequential numbers. On the Manage Sequential Numbers page, you can view, create, edit, reset, copy, and delete sequential number definitions.

You can perform these tasks on the Manage Sequential Numbers page:

  • Specify number ranges according to your requirements.
  • Define a pattern to format a number with or without leading zeros.
  • Use a defined prefix and a suffix to create sequential numbers.
  • Manually reset the current number to adapt it to yearly changes.
  • Define different number ranges on different hierarchy levels. You can specify the sequential numbering on tenant and accounting entity level. Additionally, it can be defined for a specific trading partner, customer, and ship to.
  • Define an alerting in case of an overflow when the current value reaches the configured maximum value.

The sequential number definitions are used on the Manage Master Shipments page in the Shipping area to automatically number master shipments that are processed. This is typically required if automatic numbering for the specific business process is not supported by the ERP system.

To search for sequential number definitions, specify filter criteria in the field entries of the required columns.

To view the detail settings, click the Drill down button of the sequential number definition.