Adapting the workflow

To perform compliance checks, you must adapt an existing workflow or create a new workflow.

To be used for compliance checks, a workflow must include these two tasks:

  • Compliance Check: This task performs the compliance check
  • Non-Compliance Blocker: This task blocks each subsequent task, if there are positive matches. Additionally, it sets a shipper's processing status to Blocked. You can configure to block shippers depending on the status of the compliance check.

Adapting an existing workflow

  1. Open the workflow that you want to adapt, for example, the Automotive workflow.
  2. Add the Compliance Check and Non-Compliance Blocker tasks to the workflow you use, if they are not already included.

Creating a new workflow

  1. Create a new workflow, which includes the Compliance Check and Non-Compliance Blocker tasks.
  2. Assign this workflow to the trading partner.

When you add the tasks, you must consider the task sequence.