Time zone conversion

The transformation of messages that is based on XSLT style sheets supports time zone conversion. Date/time fields are converted from your own time zone to the customer's time zone and vice versa:

  • Inbound message: Date/time fields of the EDI message are converted into Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The conversion is trading partner-specific and is based on the defined time zone of the customer or supplier.
  • Outbound message: Date/time BOD fields are converted from UTC into your own or the customer's time zone. The conversion depends on the type of date/time field to be created for the outbound EDI message. For example, a shipping date is converted from UTC into your own time zone. An arrival date is converted into the customer's time zone.

The time zones for customers and trading partners must be assigned in the code lists Customers and TradingPartners.

The code list TimeZones contains the entire list of time zones that are available. The code list TimeZonesOwn contains the time zones that can be used for your local installation, accounting entities, and locations. The name of your local time zone that you use must be default.

For further details, see the description of the code list TimeZonesOwn.