Creating a GXS partner DSN inbound

  1. Select COMMUNICATION > Partner Management.
  2. Edit a GXS partner.
  3. In the DSN Inbound area, click New.
    A DSN named 'Unnamed DSN' is created.
  4. Specify the information in the General DSN Details dialog. The available fields depend on the selected connection type.
    Specify a data set name. This way, the complete set of information can be assigned to a send request.
    Specify a description of the data set name.
  5. On the GXS tab, specify this information:
    The application reference field (APRF) is agreed upon with the GXS partner. Through this you can specify different message types similar to the virtual OFTP file name.
    Select the GXS system that has been preconfigured in Communication Systems.
  6. On the Extended settings tab, specify this information:
    Specify the conversion to be performed by Exchange Services before transmission.
    These options are available: None, ASCII to EBCDIC, EBCDIC to ASCII.
    Subsequent processing
    Click Add to specify the type of processing.
    Processing type
    • Routing program: one or more routing programs
    • HTTP: one or more HTTP sub processes
    • Forwarding to External: one or more forwarding sub processes
    • EDX: one or more EDX sub processes
    Category name Select the category name from the list or specify a new category name manually. Categories that are inserted manually are added to the drop-down list.
    Individual Receive Directory
    Select the check box and specify a receive directory in the provided field.
    Select the check box and select Individual Archive Directory to specify the archive directory in the provided field.
  7. Click OK.