Processing tasks

This section includes the processing tasks for shippers and included shipments. You can select the tasks to be processed and perform the selected tasks.

See Understanding Workflow.

To perform or rerun a task:

  1. Select Shipping > Manage Shippers.
  2. On the Manage Shippers page, click Drill down to select a shipper.
  3. Click the Tasks tab.
    This information is displayed:
    Sequence Number
    This number indicates the order in which the lines within a shipment are displayed and the order in which the tasks are processed.
    Task Code
    This field shows the name of the task. A task is a sort of operation that can be executed in Shipping.
    Each task has a status. These statuses are available:
    • New: This is a temporary status set after the import, before the task is processed for the first time.
    • Processed: This status is set when the task has been completed successfully.
    • Blocked: This status is set if the shipper was set to a blocked status due to a positive compliance check before the task was processed.
    • Error: This status is set if data, for example, master data, is missing, or if an error occurred during the task processing, for example, a print job failed.
    • Waiting: This status is set if printing is in process and waiting for a response from the print engine in case of a printing task.
    • Running: This status is set for tasks which are processed manually through Process task before the first processing of the task.
    • Invalid: This status is set if the shipper has a Failed processing status or if data, for example, master data, is missing. In case of a failed shipper, it must be reset using the Reset Error Status button, before a task can be processed.
    • Not eligible: This status is set if a task cannot be processed in the current status of the shipper, for example, a Publish ASN task is not eligible for an incomplete shipper.
    Task Type
    This field shows the task type. A task is an activity performed on a shipment or shipper, for example, the printing of single labels.
    These task types are available:
    • Automatic
    • Manual
  4. Click the Select button next to a task.
  5. Click Process Tasks.
    The tasks are processed.
  6. Optionally, click Abort Tasks to cancel task processing.
    Clicking this button cancels the processing of the selected tasks and changes the corresponding shipper task to Aborted.
  7. Click Refresh to view the updated status.
    The status is set to Waiting until printing is finished. You might require to click the button several times.
    If a shipper is not ready for a task to run, then no task is processed. The task status is set to Invalid.
  8. Optionally, click Reload Tasks.
    The tasks are reloaded from workflow configuration, and the status of unchanged tasks is set to new.
    Note: You must click Refresh to see the newly loaded tasks.
  9. Optionally, click Reload Configuration at the top of the Manage Shippers page.
    The tasks and the changes to the master data and configuration are reloaded.
  10. Optionally, click View Log Entries at the top of the Manage Shippers page. On the Log Entries page, click Refresh to check which tasks are processed.