Reviewing the list of customer master data

On the Manage Customer Master page, you can review a list of the imported or manually specified customer master data.

To review the list of customer master data:

  1. Select Administrative Functions > Master Data > Manage Customer Master.
  2. Review this information:
    This field contains an arbitrary set of characters that is used to uniquely identify a customer in an accounting entity.
    Review or specify the name of the customer.
    Customer Status
    The customer statuses Open, Closed, Prospect, Rejected, Pending, Deleted and Hold are available.
    When editing, select the status of the customer master data from the drop-down list.
    Tax ID
    The tax ID is a number used to identify legal persons or businesses. The tax authorities assign the tax numbers to the registered businesses. Your business partners must provide their tax number. Business partners without a tax number are considered to be private persons.
    Effective from Date
    Review or specify the first day on which the master data are valid.
    Last Import Date
    The field shows the last date and time when the master data have been imported by the application.
    Last Modified By
    The field shows the login name of the user who made the last changes.
    Last Update User
    The field shows the user who performed the last update.
    Last Update Date
    The field shows the date of the last update.
    Accounting Entity
    The accounting entity is a corporation or a subset of a corporation. The accounting entity is independent in regard to one or more operational functions or accounting functions. An accounting entity produces a P&L and balance sheet from a complete, balanced set of transactions, and is often a legal entity. An accounting entity is defined within a tenant and can contain locations.