Manage Contact Master

On the Manage Contact Master page you can view, create, edit, and delete contact master data such as Gender and Job Title.

You can use the Manage Contact Master page as a stand-alone solution to manage your contact master data if not provided by the ERP system. Or import the contact master data automatically from the connected ERP system and adjust the required fields to your needs.

If you select the second option and contact master data are created or changed in the ERP system, a ContactMaster BOD is imported by the application. The master data are shown on the Manage Contact Master page. You can define the fields that you manage in the application without being overwritten by the ContactMaster BOD import. Other fields are imported and updated automatically by the ERP system.

Note: You activate the automatic ContactMaster BOD import from the ERP system in the code list ImportMasterData. If not activated, you can manage the contact master data manually on the Manage Contact Master page. You define the fields that are updated by the ContactMaster BOD in the code list ContactMasterUpdateFields.

To search for contact master data, specify filter criteria in the field entries of the required columns.

To view the detail settings, click the Drill down button of the contact master data.