Creating locations

Note: You only perform the steps described here, if location IDs are required by your installation.

You define locations that are used by the functional areas of the application through the Security Administration. These locations are assigned to business users.

To create a location:

  1. Select Administrative Functions > Security Administration. Sign in to the Security Administration with the user securityadmin and password autoconnect.
  2. Select Security > Security > Security Setup.
  3. Click the Locations tab.
  4. Click Actions.
  5. Select Add Node.
  6. Specify this information:

    Specify a unique name for the location. Do not use blank spaces.


    The name of an accounting entity or location may contain these characters:

    • Lowercase characters a-z
    • Uppercase characters A-Z
    • Digits 0 - 9
    • Hyphen ("-")
    • Underscore ("_")
    Display Name
    Specify the display name of the location.
    Specify a description of the location.
  7. To save the location, click Submit.