Printing Definitions

On the Printing Definitions page, you can create, edit, copy, and delete printing definitions. A printing definition sets up the configuration data that is required to create print requests for incoming and outgoing messages and control InterFormNG. InterFormNG is the print engine that prints the required documents.

For a printing definition, you specify a partner hierarchy name, a partner ID, a message type, a message direction, and an accounting entity. Additionally, you can define special parameters in a printing definition to configure an individual processing of each print request.

If a printing definition is set up for a message, the print request is automatically created when the message is processed. Currently, one print request is created for each message.

On the Print Request tab in the detail view of the Manage Messages page, you can view the print requests of a message. You can review the status of the print requests and you can manually reprint the created print requests.

To search for printing definitions, specify filter criteria in the field entries of the required columns.

To view the detail settings, click the Drill down button of a printing setup.