Check Address

To check a single address:

  1. Select Compliance > Check Address from the main menu.
  2. Click New Check.
  3. Specify this information on the form:
    A name.
    This field shows the street name.
    A city.
    Postal Code
    The postal code.
    This field shows the country.
  4. Click Check Address.
  5. Review the result.
    Note: The results are also displayed in the compliance log.
    Check Status
    This field shows the result of the check. White and green marked entries are unproblematic. You can configure the matching threshold for the color display.
    Red: Probable matches are marked in red.
    Yellow: Possible matches are marked in yellow.
    Total Number of Matches
    This field shows the total number of matches. This number does not have to be identical to the number of entries in the result list. You can configure the maximum number of entries to be displayed in the list.
    Name of Sanctions List
    This field shows the name of the sanctions list that was used for checking.
    This field shows a comment on the test result.