View Compliance Log

The compliance log shows information about automatic update processes of sanctions lists, automatic checks and individual compliance checks.

Note: You can configure how sanctions lists are updated.


To view the compliance log:

  1. Select Compliance > View Compliance Log.
  2. Review this information:
    The date and time when the log entries were created is displayed.
    Log Type
    This field shows the process for which the log entry was created.
    • Update: An update for an automatic sanctions list was performed.
    • Automatic Check: A compliance check was performed for a shipper.
    • Individual Compliance Check: An individual compliance check through Check Address was performed.
    • Unblocking: A shipper was unblocked manually.
    • List Changed: A list was changed manually.
    • Block: A shipper was blocked by the non-compliance blocker task.
    Log Status
    • Processed: An entry that is created is set to the Processed status.
    • Archived: Older entries are automatically set to the Archived status.
    This field provides detailed information about the process. The type of information that is displayed depends on the process.
    • Single Check: The name that has been checked is displayed.
    • Automatic check: The shipper number is displayed.
    • Unblocking: The shipper number is displayed.
    • Update or list change: The name of the corresponding sanctions list is displayed.
    Process Status
    The field shows the status of the process for which the compliance log entry is created.
    • Successful: The process has been completed successfully. No user intervention is required.
    • Failed: An error occurred, for example, an automatic update of a sanctions list failed.
    • Warning:
      • In the case of an update: An error occurred, but the update did not fail. For example, only few sanctions list entries were invalid, and the cancellation threshold was not reached.
      • In the case of a check: The review found matches with regard to at least one sanctions list entry.
  3. Click the Drill down button to view the log details.
    Check Status
    The field shows the check status in the form of a red, yellow or white background. Each match is displayed as separate line on the View Compliance Log page using the color of the corresponding check status.
    This field shows a description for each log entry. For example, if an error was logged, this field shows the error description.