Manage Container CUMs

The Advanced Ship Notice (ASN), which the supplier sends to the receiving organization to inform about the coming shipment, contains returnable container information. You can use container CUM management to track the cumulative quantity of the containers that are received. This is achieved as of a given date for each supplier site and container on the ship-to level. The CUM period relates to a relevant business time frame.

When the Publish ASN task is executed, the containers for all the trading partner's shipments are counted and grouped by the Customer Container Type field. The value of the associated Container CUM records is increased. Updates are logged in the container CUM history.

Note: If an ASN is canceled, the Container CUMs are not updated automatically.

At the start of a CUM period, the container quantities are set to 0. As containers are received, the CUM is updated. The container CUM can be reset at any time.

Note: This functionality is required for business operations with North American OEMs. You must configure the respective trading partners.