Detail view of Manage Item Master

In the detail view of the Manage Item Master page, you can view and edit Sales Item master data. In addition, item master data for packaging material that has the item type Packaging Item can be created manually, copied, and deleted.

You can review detailed information of the selected item master data:

  • Check the upper-part of the page that shows the header information.
  • Check the additional item information that shows special item characteristics, product codes, and hazardous material information.
  • Check the export-related information of the item master data.
  • On the Item Descriptions tab, check the translation of the item description and the commodity code description in the specified language.
  • Check the External Attributes tab that shows trading partner-specific information.
  • Check the Countries of Origin tab that shows the countries of origin and the percentage shares of these countries.

Item master data for sales items and packaging material are imported from the ERP system. In the ItemMasterUpdateFields code list, you can configure fields of the item master data that are automatically updated by the ERP system. If trading partner-specific information is required, you can configure that these fields are edited on the Manage Item Master page. You can add, for example, trading partner-specific information for the preferential trade agreement, the preference criterion, the commodity code, and the customs procedure. This information is used in the Shipping area to process and print export-related documents.

If the entire item master data for packaging material cannot be imported from the ERP system, it can be created manually on this page.