Info bar

In the info bar, these entries are available:

  • Server time
  • Status traffic lights
  • User name
  • Help
  • Logout

Server Time

The Exchange Services server time is displayed.

Status traffic lights

The four status traffic lights show the status of your operations and provide failure information. These traffic lights are available:

  • COM server
  • HTTP services
  • Receiving data
  • Sending data

The colors indicate the status:

The color green indicates there are no problems, yellow indicates that warnings have been issued, and red indicates that errors have occurred.

For HTTP services, the status light may be displayed in gray if no HTTP service is installed.

Note: You can click a traffic light to show additional information.

User name

You can click the user name in the info bar to access the user settings and list settings. This table shows the user settings of the user who is currently logged in.

Menu entry Description
Name User name
Description User description
Language The Languages that are currently supported are German and English
Password Password
Confirm Password You can re-enter the password to change the password
Groups Assigned The user has been assigned to the selected groups

You can configure some default values ​​for displaying lists. This table shows the list settings of the user who is currently logged in.

Field name Description
Number of Rows Specify the number of lines that can be viewed on a page.
Date range Specify the date range of the data.
Auto refresh interval Specify the interval after which the data is reloaded when Automatically Refresh is selected.
Add wildcard to filter automatically If selected, the wildcard "*" is automatically appended to the input filters in database queries. All entries that begin with your input will be shown. If the option is not enabled, entries that exactly match your filter criterion are being searched for.


Menu entry Description
Help Opens the help
Support Opens the support document
About Opens a dialog with detailed information about your installation, for example, the installed version
License texts Opens a dialog in which your license information is displayed


Select this menu entry to log out from the system.