Reviewing the list of code lines

The Manage Codes page shows important field information of the code lines.

To review the list of code lines:

  1. Select Administrative Functions > Manage Codes.
  2. Review this information:
    This field shows the name of the code line that is inherited from the code list.
    This field shows the description of the code line that is inherited from the code list.
    Hierarchy Structure
    This field shows the search hierarchy structure of the code line that is used to store and access code items. The search hierarchy structure is inherited from the code list. This hierarchy structure determines which hierarchy data you can specify in the codes.
    Each code list must be assigned to a functional area of the application. If a code list is used by several functional areas, it must be assigned to the area Infor Automotive Exchange Common.
    When editing, select a functional area to which the code list is assigned from the drop-down list.
    System Code List
    If the underlying code list is defined as system code list, the check box is selected. The codes of a system code list are essential to run the application and must not be changed.
    Last Update User
    The field shows the user who performed the last update.
    Last Update Date
    The field shows the date of the last update.