Transport Order support in the Sync Shipment BOD

Sync Shipment BODs with a shipment type of TransportOrder are now supported. After a load is created with handling units in Infor LN, users can trigger the sending of the transport order through a new LN menu option, Publish Transport Order.

After this BOD is received and processed in Shipping, the transport order can be replaced or canceled. These are the valid values for transport order messages:
  • Original
  • Replace
  • Reminder
  • Cancellation

On the Manage Shippers page, a load with the value of Transport Order in the Type field is created with a status that reflects the status of the load. For this type of shipper, the only applicable task is Publish ASN on the Tasks tab on the Manage Shippers page. A new workflow is included in this release to support the ASN task.