Creating the OLAP database

After the dimensions have been imported into the Designer database, the changes must be pushed to the OLAP database by creating the dimensions individually or all at once by recreating the entire OLAP database.

Once this done, some configuration steps must be completed in Infor d/EPM.

Cube data cannot be imported until the dimension structure that corresponds to that data exists in the OLAP database.

  1. Start Designer.
  2. Select File > Create Database.
  3. Select the Recreate entire database check box.
  4. Click OK to begin the process.
    It can take several minutes to complete and messages appear as it progresses. Sometimes it seems to pause as it is working and does not respond until the process is complete.

    After the dimension structures are created in the OLAP database, you can load cube data.

  5. Select Configuration > Planning Settings.
  6. Click [Click here to import the data of the Integration import].
  7. Set the source connection to the Integration database.
  9. Click Import.

After the cube load is complete, an overview of number of records that were successfully loaded is displayed. The number of records loaded into OLAP database can also be viewed in d/EPM Administration.

Log in to d/EPM Administration and go to the Edit Database dashboard. Select DEPM in the Database Structure pane, then select the published cube. You can view the number of published records on the Properties tab under Number of base values.