Budgeting & Planning

Reset Workflow

In the workflow configuration, you can reassign a final approved workflow back to the former approver or back to all planners.

Validation when importing workflow configuration for organizations

In the Import dialog box, the numbers of successfully and unsuccessfully imported organizations are displayed. The validation makes these checks:

  • That organizations match the financial planning steps assignment.
  • That organizations match the configuration set definition.
  • That tasks are not assigned to the Admin user or the Everyone application role.

Splash values from consolidated accounts to base accounts

On the main Data Entry page, you can now splash values from consolidated accounts to base accounts using the Splasher dialog box. Values are splashed proportionally or equally based on proportions of existing values on base accounts and defined global signs.

Dependent account definition recalculation improvements

On the Data Entry pages, the dependent account definition process can now be triggered manually by using the Recalculate button.

The process is called automatically when a user submits, approves or rejects a task.