Data Archive Reporting dashboards

This table shows Data Archive Reporting dashboards and their reports:

Collection Dashboard Report
HR Analysis HR11 - Employee HR11 - Employee
HR13 - Employee Dependent HR13 - Employee Dependent
Personnel Administration PA12 - Employee Emergency Contact PA12 - Employee Emergency Contact
PA13.2 - Employee Multiple Position PA13.2 - Employee Multiple Position
PA15.2 - Employee Medical-Work Codes PA15.2 - Employee Medical-Work Codes
PA16 - Employee Codes PA16 - Employee Codes
PA20 - Employee Codes PA20 - Employee Codes
PA21 - Employees Codes PA21 - Employees Codes
PA22 - Employees Codes PA22 - Employees Codes
PA26 - Employee Performance Review PA26 - Employee Performance Review
PA54 - Personnel Action History PA54 - Personnel Action History
PA67 - Employee Rate History PA67 - Employee Rate History
PA59 - Grievance and Disciplinary Action PA59 - Grievance and Disciplinary
PA02 - Position PA02 - Position
TR21 - Training History TR21 - Training
Benefits Administration BN56 - Compensation History BN56 - Compensation History
BN32 - Employee Benefit Changes BN32 - Employee Benefit Change
BN47 - Beneficiaries BN47 - Beneficiaries
Absence Management LP31_Employee Absence Plan Master LP31_Employee Absence Plan Master
LP64-Employee Transaction Detail Inquiry LP64-Employee Transaction Detail Inquiry
Payroll Analysis PR12 - Bank Details PR12 - Bank Details
PR14 - Deductions PR14 - Deductions
PR26 - Garnishments PR26 - Garnishments
PR51 - Pay Stub Inquiry Pay Stub Inquiry Header
Pay Stub Inquiry Detail
PR260 - Payment Detail Listing Payment Detail Header
Payment Detail Subreport
PR260 - Payroll Register Dashboard Payroll Register Report
Payroll Register Subreport
Global Ledger GL90 - Transactional Analysis GL90 - Transactional Analysis
GL40 - Journal Entry GL40 - Journal Entry
GL45 Journal Control GL45 Journal Control
GL95 - Account Analysis GL95 - Account Analysis
GL290 - Global Ledger Report GL290 - Global Ledger Report
GL240 - Journal Edit Listing GL240 - Journal Edit Listing
GL190 - Journal Posting GL190 - Journal Posting
GL291 Trail Balance GL291 Trail Balance
GL165 - Transaction Interface GL165 - Transaction Interface
Project and Activity Accounting AC225 - Budget Control AC225 - Budget Control
AC290 Transaction Listing AC290 Transaction Listing
AC295 Activity Commitment Summary AC295 Activity Commitment Summary
AC220 - Budget Listing AC220 - Budget Listing
AC480 Activity Balances AC480 Activity Balances
Inventory Manager IC45 - Stock Status IC45 - Stock Status
IC50 - Transaction History IC50 - Transaction History
IC44 - Inventory Stock Status IC44 - Inventory Stock Status
IC42 Stock By Detail IC42 Stock By Detail
IC31 Item Location Balances IC31 Item Location Balances
IC55 Transaction History Inquiry IC55 Transaction History Inquiry
IC30 - Item Search IC30 - Item Search
Asset Management AM85 Activity Analysis AM85 Activity Analysis
AM267 Asset Register AM267 Asset Register
AM277 Activity Report AM277 Activity Report
AM260 Asset Report AM260 Asset Report
AM278 Leased Asset Report AM278 Leased Asset Report
Purchasing PO54 Purchase Order Inquiry PO54 Purchase Order Inquiry
PO28 Agreement Item Lookup PO28 Agreement Item Lookup
PO58 Receipt Inquiry PO58 Receipt Inquiry
PO220 PO Status Report PO220 PO Status Report
Accounts Payable AP57 Amount Scripting AP57 Amount Scripting
AP92 - Vendor Invoices AP92 - Vendor Invoices
AP275 Invoice Distribution History AP275 Invoice Distribution History
AP270- Vendor Payment History AP270- Vendor Payment History
AP225-Vendor Statements AP225-Vendor Statements
AP255-Bank Account Payment History AP255-Bank Account Payment History
AP265-Cash Payment Register AP265-Cash Payment Register
AP90- Invoice Search By Vendor Invoice AP90- Invoice Search By Vendor Invoice