Standard roles

Data Archive Reporting is delivered with predefined standard roles:

  • Standard Roles
    • EmployeeAdministrator_ST
    • HRAdministrator_ST
    • PayrollAdministrator_ST
    • PayablesManager_ST
    • AssetManager_ST
    • FinancialBusinessAnalyst_ST
    • InventoryManager_ST
    • PurchasingManager_ST
  • Power user role
    • DABIRST-Power-User

Administrators have access to these roles with additional permissions. See Data Archive Reporting and Infor Birst from Infor Ming.le or Infor OS Portal.

  • Administrator Roles
    • DABIRST-Consumer-Administrator
    • DABIRST-Model-Administrator
    • Birst-System Administrator
Note: Data Archive Reporting (DABIRST) Infor Mingle roles are available with Infor Mingle 2022.06 version update and later.