Running workflow for initial load

Use this procedure to perform an initial load or when running the workflow for the first time.

  1. Navigate to Birst in Infor Ming.le or Infor OS Portal.
  2. Select ADMIN > Orchestration.
  3. From the left panel Workflows, select DA - Extract and Process.
  4. Rest your pointer on the right panel of your Workflows.
  5. Select the Down arrow to display the pop-up Menu.
  6. Select Run Workflow to immediately run the Workflow. You can also select Scheduling to execute the Workflow on a regular basis.
    By default workflow extracts the data from year 1995 to year 2022 and process the same.
  7. To get data from specific years, variables ArchiveStartYear and ArchiveEndYear can be set to required by clicking the Edit Workflow icon and modifying the default values in Steps 1 and 2.