Subject area security

Apply security to Subject Areas to customize attributes and measures that are available when you build dashboards and reports.

This feature is useful to make the application more accessible to users and restricting access to certain data elements

Infor Data Archive Reporting can be accessed in MT environment and provides single sign on from Infor Ming.le to Data Archive Reporting. Data Archive Reporting should be provisioned through Infor Ming.le as an application after DABIRST spaces provision. Data Archive Reporting uses Infor Federated Services (IFS) that provides Single-Sign-On (SSO) to multiple applications. Infor Ming.le uses the concept of security roles. These security roles provide access to these applications in the App Menu in the top left of the Infor Ming.le window. Infor Data Archive Reporting can be accessed from these IFS security roles or Infor Ming.le roles. User management and security settings are configured in Infor Ming.le and sync to Infor Birst using BODs.