On Your Radar-Project Manager

This widget shows alerts that require immediate action.

This widget contains four tiles that show the count of individual records that meet a certain condition. When you click one, the content is displayed in the required information section on the right.

  • Approvals required

    Shows number of days remaining to approve.

  • Expiring and expired contracts

    Project Contracts that expired in the past 90 days or in the next 90 days.

  • Expiring funding sources

    Funding sources that expire within 90 days. Includes remaining balance of funds.

  • Contract errors

    Errors on project contract name, funding source name, and affected invoices.

A snooze feature is available to address situations where you are uncertain about how to handle a group of records or are awaiting clarification. A default snooze time can be set in advance. When you click the snooze icon, the respective record is temporarily removed from the required actions list for the duration of the snooze period. Use the snooze list at the top of the widget to review your snoozed records. You can un-snooze records to return them to the list.