Administering configuration and personalization through upgrades

This section describes what happens to configuration changes and personalizations when a patch or version upgrade is applied.

My Personalizations and Configuration Console

Most configuration changes and personalizations made using the Infor Landmark My Personalization and Configuration Console tools are saved to separate files by the name of the user who created them and are not affected by upgrades to Infor Landmark.

It is possible that a local change to a business class (application source) may be affected by a new delivery of the business class. For example, if you have made a change to a field in a class and the new delivery of the class no longer includes the field, this can cause a problem for your local version. A tool is delivered with Infor Landmark that you can run to identify and troubleshoot these types of issues.

Infor Process Automation

Processes that are created by users are typically not affected by upgrades. If Infor Process Automation changes an object that is used in a customer process, migration tools are provided.