Process Designer

Users with the IPI-ModelerDesigner or IPI-ModelerAdmin role can use the application in design mode to create or update industry content.

These tools are available to help you develop industry content:

  • The BPMN Modeler enables you to create diagrams following the BPMN 2.0 standard. The BPMN elements have custom attributes specific to the industry content development, which are used to describe additional business terminology.
  • The Process Map Designer enables you to create high-level diagrams that represent a business process overview. You can link elements from a process map to other process maps or BPMN diagrams to create a navigation structure though the industry content definitions.
  • The Registry component is the central place where labels, descriptions, translations, images, and other configurations can be defined and reused in several models in the application, such as process maps or BPMN diagrams.
  • The industry content is organized in folders, and administrators can import or export a folder or a sub-folder.
  • The administrator can define permissions to limit the access to content by designer and viewer users.