Personalizing add-ons are used to modify the look, feel, and flow of an application. Users must be granted permissions to access these features. Personalizations are also changes that users can make to screens for themselves, including column sequencing and visibility. Customers can choose to give users the ability to use the tools that make personalization possible.

This section describes personalizations that can be made with the extensibility tools delivered with or available as add-ons to this CloudSuite.

My Personalizations with Infor Landmark technology

End-users of applications that run on Infor Landmark technology can make changes to delivered menus forms, lists, and reports by using the My Personalizations feature.

Users must be granted access to My Personalizations.

Users can make these types of changes through My Personalizations:

  • Delete menus from an application that they do not need.

  • Reorganize the columns in a list or report.

  • Modify a list to automatically filter and show only records that meet certain criteria.

  • Hide fields that are irrelevant to your workflow.

  • Change label text to make fields stand out on a form or to match your organization's standards.

  • Rearrange fields to make them easier to navigate.

  • Create a new menu to efficiently navigate from form to form.

  • Add frequently used actions to the toolbar.

  • Create pages that combine lists or menus that you frequently use at the same time.