Item Lifecycle Management

Use Item Lifecycle Management for healthcare providers to identify, locate, and remove unsafe products, food, pharmaceuticals, equipment, and other items quickly and efficiently in response to mandatory or voluntary recalls or other corrective actions. This solution works with Procurement and Supplier Portal to track and manage your recall process in a single repository to improve patient quality with comprehensive and integrated notice management.

These are some of the key features:
  • Track notices from any source including the US Food & Drug Administration, ECRI, manufacturers, and internal clinical staff in a single repository.
  • Automatically match to purchasing history, inventory, agreements, and more.
  • Generate tasks to resolve notices and to document results.
  • Automate role-based notifications and alerts.
  • Monitor and confirm activities that are related to managing a notice, such as pulling items from the shelf and returning them to the manufacturer or disposing of them in a safe manner.
  • Report on all actions taken to respond to a notice, which simplifies audit processes.