Grant Accounting

You can use Grant Accounting to optimize the business side of your grant projects by reducing costs, automating system-wide grant processes, eliminating redundant systems and tasks, delivering real-time role-based information, and ensuring regulatory compliance. The solution has cost-effective automated processes for labor distribution, effort reporting, and other essential activities. Use this functionality to consistently meet regulatory reporting requirements, safeguarding your funding resources. Grant Accounting integrates with other Financials & Supply Management solutions, streamlining the flow of vital information and eliminating costly and time-consuming redundant work.

These are some of the key benefits:

  • Proactively view grants with standard multi-dimensional reports
  • Track grant balances to ensure projects are under budget and on time
  • Perform labor distribution effort certification
  • Control ineligible expenses to ensure that they are not charged to the grant
  • Bill and report to the level of detail that sponsors require
  • Create automatic salary encumbrances and salary cap limitations
  • Adhere to federal guidelines