EDI Exchange

Infor EDI Exchange provides Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities that extend and complement traditional ERP business processes, supports standard business practices, and supports trading partner variations of standard business practices.

Infor EDI Exchange includes these functional areas:

  • Transformation: Transforms messages that contain structured data from one format into another. Structured data are BOD messages, EDI messages, or files of special formats such as XML and other structured data formats.
  • Shipping: Imports shipper, shipment information, commercial and pro forma invoice information from the ERP system.
  • Printing: Responsible for handling print requests from all services of the application.
  • ION Connector: A service that uses the ION Messaging Service (IMS) to send and receive BOD messages to and from other applications that are connected to ION.
  • Global: Under the global functional area, application-wide, non-tenant specific configuration data can be accessed.
  • Master Data: Administrative functions to manage additional data and master data that are used by the functional areas: Transformation and Shipping.
  • Communications: The service receives inbound messages from trading partners and sends outbound messages to trading partners through a communication provider service.
  • Alerts: The Alert Service uses IMS for sending alerts to the ION Pulse Engine. The user receives the alert message in Infor OS Portal.