In this section of the document, tailoring add-ons are used to add or modify elements in an application, for example, making changes to screen layouts, objects, functions, properties, and default values. Users must be granted permissions to access these features.

Infor Landmark Configuration Console tailoring

On-site administrators have access to the Infor Landmark Configuration Console through which they can configure the user experience of Infor Landmark-based applications.

  • Application:

    • Look-and-feel changes to menus, pages, and various user interface objects that are rolled out to all users.

    • Modifying business rules, fields, and process flow.

    • Enabling/disabling data translation (multi-language field configuration).

  • Security:

    • Modifying delivered security classes and creating new ones.

    • Maintaining actor, identity, and role records.

  • Web Services:

    • Modifying both inbound and outbound web services.

  • Mime Types / Time Zones

    • Creating and modifying MIME type.

    • Modifying time zones.